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That’s a lot of 1’s in today’s date

on January 1, 2010

It’s like today’s date could almost be written in binary.

You ever feel like day 1 of a new year is going to set the tone for the entire year?  I’m really hoping that’s not true, because on my agenda for today is getting over being cranky that the munchkin woke me up too early and baking 20 pounds of potatoes.  What does that say about the year to come when you start it in spuds?

The munchkin and I just got back from a 3500-mile road trip through the month of December.  Mr. Honey is off saving the world, so it’s just me and the kid for a while, and I wanted an old-fashioned Christmas at my mommy’s house, so I packed the kid up and drove the two of us all over a quarter of the country.  Highlight: watching the kid’s vocabulary develop.  Over the course of the trip, he learned how to say “Ass,” “Mine,” and “Bite me.”  Lowlight: The kid having a meltdown at a gas station because I wouldn’t let him pump gas.  And let’s not forget the flooded basement that Santa brought on Christmas Eve…

In any case, I know we’re both glad to be home.  I can tell I am because I’m ridiculously happy to be a (temporarily) single mom, since that’s a lot easier than being a (temporarily) single mom on the never-ending road trip with an almost-2-year-old.  I can tell the munchkin’s glad to be home because his favorite word the last two days has been “Amen!” which is the two-syllable version of “Hallelujah and praise the Lord!  I’m sleeping in my own bed again!”

Here’s hoping your 2010 is happy, healthy, and full of sprinkles!


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