Jamie Farrell

Tickle Your Heart's Funny Bone

High Concept Dream

on September 16, 2009

The other night my subconscious did NCIS in the Jossverse.

The whole crew was there.  DiNozzo, Mal, Ziva, flesh-eating monsters, a pool table.  Of course, I was Buffy.  And when the green scaly dude with the crooked fingernail-teeth tried to eat me, I bit his teeth off.  It’s what Buffy would’ve done, right?

You know, that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as it was in my dream.  Probably a good thing the alarm clock interrupted this one.  But doesn’t it make you wonder what Buffy would do to DiNozzo?  If there would be chemistry between Ziva and Mal?  What an episode of FCIS (Firefly Criminal Investigative Service) would look like?  Joss should totally do CSI:Miranda.  Except then my brain might overload.


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