Jamie Farrell

Tickle Your Heart's Funny Bone

Double-0 Dreams

on August 26, 2009

I’ve had at least two dreams in the last week about James Bond/Mr. Honey. And I don’t know where in the world the parts about James Bond came from.

In the first one, I was playing a video game against James Bond, who had dressed like Darth Vader. My player was killed almost right away, and then it was James Bond-Vader’s turn. He did some funky move that sent his character soaring into the air and right into the next level. And then I was there, in the game, in the next level. And people were shooting at me. So I ran with Mr. Honey/James Bond to the Bond Car and we all climbed in and it flew away. Then I woke up.

This morning, I had another dream about Mr. Honey-Bond. We were flying somewhere in a blow-up, non-motorized airplane. Think “The Flintstones Fly in a Rubber Boat,” and you’ve pretty much got what I was flying in with Mr. Honey-Bond. As we passed over some military institution, we realized there were people in trouble. So, he jumped out of the plane and left it to me to fly it all around the compound. When I met back up with him, I wasn’t in the plane anymore, and we’d picked up somebody. So, I whipped the deflated plane out of my backpack, and Mr. Honey-Bond groaned. “Dammit, where are the three boards to make it fly?”
So I looked at him and said, “It’s alright. I can make it work with my mind.” So, the three of us climbed into the deflated plane, it blew up into a real inflated plane, and we started moving. Then all the bad guys started shooting at us. Mr. Honey-Bond said, “They’re gonna shoot us down! We’re not gonna make it!” and I said, “Nonsense. I can control the bullets with my mind.” And I did. I got a dart in my arm, but it didn’t hurt so I just pulled it out and we kept going, flying until we were over a whole fleet of military ships. We were almost out of it when I woke up.

My favorite part was that I could make a blow-up plane fly with my mind. I am invincible today.


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