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The Internet Is Really Really Great… For Intergenerational Bonding

on August 24, 2009

The other night, Mr. Honey and the munchkin and I were all hanging out in the living room.  Mr. Honey and I were talking about our upcoming trip to London, and the munchkin was proving he was his mommy’s boy by playing all by himself and talking to his imaginary friends in a language only he and they understand.

Then Mr. Honey pulled up The Video.

It doesn’t matter if the munchkin is halfway across the house, eating, sleeping, playing, or doing any of the other things little kids do on a regular basis.  If he hears voices coming from the computer, he drops everything, squeals, and darts as fast as he can to launch himself at the MacBook (and thus the person holding it) because He Wants To See.

And did he ever get a show last night.  What did Mr. Honey show our very young, very impressionable, very innocent child?


Lord save us all when the munchkin’s old enough for the birds and the bees.


2 responses to “The Internet Is Really Really Great… For Intergenerational Bonding

  1. Laura says:

    When are you going to London?

    (Have to get back to work but will come back later to watch the video that says “porn” in the corn that your impressionable young son watched! 🙂 )

  2. Laura says:

    OMG, I can see why the little one would be drawn to the video because it’s cute but the message…

    Poor little guy. lol

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