Jamie Farrell

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Would you like some corn with that ketchup?

on August 17, 2009

The munchkin is a fruit kid.  He’ll take blueberries over oreos.  Peaches over ice cream.  Oranges over marshmallows.  But he’s not so big on the vegetables.  Some days I think he’d eat cat food before he’d eat his vegetables.

So the other night, we were sitting at dinner, and he wasn’t eating his hamburger.  His plain, no cheese, no tomato, no bacon, no bun even, hamburger.  Given that Mr. Honey and I lived in Minnesota for a while a long, long time ago, it wasn’t a big stretch to try and spice up the hamburger with some ketchup (which is, of course, the state spice of Minnesota).  (It’s also a vegetable in this household.)

As soon as the red bottle came out, the chorus of screechy baby babble started.  He held his hand out to feel the cold, thick substance run through his fingers and then licked them clean.  And then he happily ate his ketchup-coated hamburger, but he wouldn’t touch his corn.  And I desperately wanted him to eat his corn.

I looked at Mr. Honey.  Mr. Honey looked back at me.  And then I squirted a giant glob of ketchup right over the top of the munchkin’s corn and mixed it all in.

And then he ate every. last. bite.  (All the while Mr. Honey and I sat there trying not to watch but unable to tear our eyes away.  This is the stuff of train wrecks, I’m telling you.  Mr. Honey and I both gagged once or twice, but he ate his vegetables!)

Next up, I’ll try putting ketchup on his tomatoes.


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