Jamie Farrell

Tickle Your Heart's Funny Bone

So Proud

on August 10, 2009

The other night, I woke up to this weird chirping noise right next to my hip.  And then I realized something was scratching at my bedding.  So I poked Mr. Honey.  “Do you hear that?”

The chirping got louder, accompanied by more rustling sheets and a plaintive meow.

“Yep,” Mr. Honey said.  “Saffron’s talking in her sleep.”

I don’t know what the cat was dreaming, but I’d guess it was something about a bird or a squirrel or a bunny or a turtle outside the window.  Except based on the way she was thrashing her tail about and chirp-meowing, she probably got her little kitty claws into it in her dreams. 

Feeling kinda sorry for her, I reached out to pet her.  Mental note: cats are still animals and don’t like to be touched by things in their sleep.   She took off like, well, Jinx after she sees her shadow.  I don’t think she came back to bed the rest of the night.  Poor kitty.

But it’s pretty nifty that my cat talks in her sleep too.  I wonder if she got it from me?


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