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I heart my subconscious

on August 5, 2009

Strange dreams are so normal, it should be scary. The other morning I was an active participant in a video game about smuggling. I think it had something to do with the book I’d recently finished – A Gentleman by Any Other Name by Kasey Michaels. (Great book, BTW.) In my dream, I was on a team and we were trying to sneak past all these electric-holographic dragons, but I discovered if I jumped on them, I became holographic and could enter “invisible flying mode” where I could also see more things at once. Then the effects wore off, Mr. Honey and I were suddenly on a cruise ship getting lectured and hiding from big waves, and then my alarm went off and I flung my cats across the room because I hadn’t realized they were laying on my arm. I thought they were Mr. Honey snuggling with me.


One response to “I heart my subconscious

  1. Laura says:

    Poor kitties. LOL

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