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Friday Getaway – Serious chillin’

on July 31, 2009

If I could be anywhere today, I’d be in Alaska.  Mr. Honey and I did an Alaskan cruise a few years back and gave serious consideration soon thereafter to naming the forthcoming munchkin Orca or Sockeye (depending on gender, of course).  But we did a lot of other fun stuff while we were there too.  The next time I’m up that far north, there’s a good bit I want to do again, plus see for the first time.  Such as…

1. Glacier Bay (hopefully on a sunny day this time – though I did love how blue the glaciers looked against the gray cloud backdrop.)

2. Denali National Park.  We didn’t make it this far north on our cruise, but someday we will.

3. Ride the White Pass Railroad.  When we were in Skagway, we did a hike-bike-float adventure instead, but I’d love to do both.

4. Stare at Mount McKinley for hours.  And if I was somehow feeling extra in shape, I might even try hiking it a little.

5. See the Northern Lights.  It’s kinda early for that to happen, but if I could make a trip to Alaska today, I’m pretty certain the same magic could make the Northern Lights happen for me too.

6. See bears and moose and eagles and whales.  So far, I’ve only managed two of the four.  I’ll let you guess which ones.

7. See the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean.  (But not at the same time, obviously, though that would be kinda cool.)

8. Immerse myself in the culture and history.  The gold rush and the hardiness of the people.  It’s mind-boggling.

9. Salmon.  I’ve never been a big fan, but I found salmon I could eat while in Alaska.  I suspect it’s because fresh Alaskan salmon is so much better than the canned salmon patties I grew up on.

10. Alaska by air.  Helicopters to glaciers, seaplanes over the Misty Fjords, I’d love to see it from above.

Now I really wish I was in Alaska.  And that I had a bajillion dollars and a couple years to do all this.  🙂


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