Jamie Farrell

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Birthday Party

on July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Week, Saffron and Jinx!  You’re officially adult cats now.  Hope this doesn’t mean you’re too mature to occasionally freak yourselves out with your own shadows, or to chase dust bunnies and rays of light and each other around the house.

I also hope you use this age of wisdom to get a little smarter about the munchkin.   Let me take a moment to see if I can’t help steer you in the right direction.

Lesson #1: If you lay still, the munchkin will try to ride you like a horsey.  No, he’s not going to get over this desire anytime soon.  You must use your kitty-sense to run away.  Far away.

Lesson #2: If you rub up against the munchkin, he will try to grab your tail.  Or your whiskers.  Or your paws, belly fur, or eyeballs.  It is up to you, the cat, to run away.  Far away.

Lesson #3: When the munchkin is teething and refusing to nap and will only sleep if he lays on me, I do not want you to decide it’s snuggle time and lay on him.  Yes, I know he does it to you.  All the time.  You should really learn to run away.

Lesson #4: What’s his is his.  What’s yours is his.  If you don’t like this arrangement, take your toys to your special room that he can’t get to.  That’s why we got that room.

Lesson #5: He only does it because he loves you.  And you only put up with it because you love him.  And we all love all of you for it.  So feel free to discard lessons #1-4, as I know you will, but bear in mind that you will leave yourself open to loving mockery.

Just like that time you fell asleep while sitting up and then promptly woke yourself when you fell over.  Or that time you stuck your head through Grandpa’s plastic bag handle and tore through the house like a monkey on crack until we could get you calmed down enough to pull the bag off your head.  Or that time you left the room we were all in and looked around and realized you were alone and freaked out and cried for half an hour.  Or that time… nevermind.  Just keep being yourselves.

Happy 3rd birthday, kitties!


One response to “Birthday Party

  1. Kristen says:


    Let me send you the Jellybeans then you can have kitten love for longer. 😉

    Just kidding. You can’t take my Jellybeans.

    Happy bday week to the kittens.

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