Jamie Farrell

Tickle Your Heart's Funny Bone

Night visions

on July 15, 2009

I love remembering my dreams.  Even more, I love acting out my dreams in my sleep.  Or so my subconscious tells me.  It reminded me of just how much a while back.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I found myself standing outside a barn, waiting for someone to pass a kitten to me through a window overhead. As I reached to take it, I woke up and found myself with my hand wrapped around this chinese lantern-type wall sconce we have hanging over the bed.

I promptly dropped my hand, which caused the sconce to jump all around like it was alive, and the tealight inside it pinged and rattled and then jumped out to slide down the side of the wall. My cats both jumped up, Jinx meowing and Saffron just looking for some attention. Mr. Honey jerked awake, too., and I was left explaining that once again, I’d been caught in a weird position in the middle of the night because of this weird tendency I have to sorta almost sleepwalk sometimes.

Mr. Honey’s known about this special talent of mine for years. It’s caused some weird crap in our lives. There was that time we were up late packing for a 6 AM flight to my best friend’s wedding the next day, and we went to bed exhausted and then each woke up on the opposite side of the bed the next morning. And then there’s the doozy of all dream/sleepwalk combos – the one where in my dreams, Mr. Honey’s about to bite the big one, and only I can save him, if I can make my body move and my mouth work to warn him.

See, I was having this dream that Mr. Honey and I were walking through a castle, when out of nowhere, these axes started swinging from the cathedral ceiling. They were pendulums of doom, and Mr. Honey was about to get his head chopped off. So, I did what any sane, normal person would’ve done. I screamed. It might’ve been something like “Look out!” or it might’ve been just one of those horror-movie scared female yelps, but whatever I did, it was enough to wake Mr. Honey for real. He sat up, and I promptly yelled, “Don’t sit up!” Mr. Honey, being used to taking orders from me even back then, dropped down to his back and stared up at the ceiling, heart racing, taking stock of the situation. And then he realized I was dreaming, so he politely woke me up and assured me we were in no mortal danger. *sigh* My hero.

Do you ever have weird dreams or walk in your sleep?


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