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Friday Getaway – Can we turn the temperature down?

on July 10, 2009

If I could be anywhere in the world today, I think I’d be in Vermont.

Vermont? you say.  Why Vermont?

Oh, lots of reasons.

1. It has to be cooler than where I am right now.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Factory.  (Yet more proof that it has to be cooler than where I am right now.)

3. Bed & Breakfasts.  Like this one.  Can’t you just imagine sitting by the fire, reading a good book or writing away in peaceful solitude?  Loving the jacuzzi tubs in front of the fireplace too.  Heaven.

4. Or maybe a mountain lodge retreat.  Doesn’t that just sound romantic?

5.  Green Mountain National Forest. Horseback riding, mountain bike trails, hiking trails, picnics, and canoeing.  I love the outdoors!

6. Mountains and waterfalls. 

7. Wineries.

8. I’ve never been there before.  In fact, in all of New England, I’ve only really seen Boston.

9. Maple syrup!

10. Cheese.  And yogurt.  I have yogurt from Vermont in my fridge right now, and I like that because it’s real yogurt, full of fat and live cultures and none of that imitation sugar stuff.  I used it as a starter to make my own yogurt just this week. 

Yeah.  I’d totally go to Vermont.


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